Professional Drug Intervention Services in Spokane, WA and The Northwest

How Does Drug Intervention Work?

We offer 15 gentle and loving strategies, including approaches with no confrontation.

Insist on a Nationally “Certified Intervention Professional”


With addiction, there is no need to be harsh or abrupt. Always gentle and loving, we help the family address the compulsive and self-destructive behaviors, including gambling and eating disorders.

In getting your loved one to rehab, we tailor the process to the needs of the loved-one and the individual family . One-size of family drug intervention does not fit all families and research guides is the least effective.


Toward drug rehab intervention sensitive, personalized adaptations are provided that respect the diversity of cultural and ethnic background, gender, orientation, developmental disabilities, and needs of the loved-one; including the elderly. We are a national leader in adapting the family drug intervention to the primary drug being used.  In this, we are nationally published.


In almost all cases of addiction intervention, the recipient of the family’s love and caring immediately enters treatment.

As shown in research, those entering treatment through a family drug intervention process are more often successful than those entering by many other means, even self-referred.

Healthy Support

This caring and loving process of drug intervention for rehab unites, strengthens, and revitalizes families. No longer do families have to resort to home remedies, struggle with out-of-date or out-of-state counselors, or risk trying to do it alone.

Just as important is the care we provide to support the personal and emotional needs of family and friends.

Many families also choose the original ‘Family-Centered Addiction Recovery®’ process to stop the pattern of relapse.

Qualifications: Joe Terhaar: Intervention Specialists



Philosophy of Helping A Loved-One Into Treatment Early: The idea of the family taking the initiative to intervene in a loved-one’s alcohol/drug use (or other compulsive and self-destructive behavior) was first developed in the 1970s by Dr. Vernon Johnson. Similar to techniques used by large companies helping employees get into treatment, he framed his strategy …